Applying Miracle Dressing to Joints

MDS Application for Elbow, Knee, Heel, Ankle, Scalp, Shoulders, Spine, Hip

MDS can be used for all pressure points over the body including the sacrum, the elbows, the butt, the hips, the heels, the knees, the shoulders, the spine and the back of the skull. The application in these sites all have in common is that the skin while applying the Miracle Dressing should be stretched to its maximum, so that as the patient moves that joint, it’s not going to be pulling the miracle dressing itself.

All wounds will have overlapping dressings.

Applying MDS to Elbow for Pressure Sore Prevention

If MDS is purely for preventative care, use one 2 by 4-inch Miracle Dressing placed right over that pressure point.

It is very important to have the skin in a stretched position as you apply the Miracle Dressing. (Elbow flexed if on the tip, or elbow extended if on medial or lateral side.)

Applying MDS to Elbow with Existing Pressure Sore

If there was a wound on either of these positions, use a second miracle dressing overlapping the wound. So that the wound itself would have a double layer of Miracle Dressing.

Applying MDS to the Knee

The knee is exactly the same as the elbow as far as placement of Miracle Dressing in the stretched position. Thus, the placement of the miracle dressing on the medial or lateral aspects of the knee will be in the fully extended position while placing MDS.

If the wound or vulnerable skin is over the patella - the kneecap - then we are going to need to have the knee in a fully flexed position.

Applying MDS to the Heel

The heel has the same principle of placement. Before placing MDS you want the skin to be at its most stretched position. Thus, placing the dressing over the heel then the placement of the MD should be in the flexed position.

Applying MDS to the Ankle

The medial or lateral aspect of the ankle - we want it in the most stretched (extended) position.

Applying MDS to the Scalp

Other areas of pressure points are the occipital portion of the scalp, the spine, the scapula and the shoulder. These exposed areas can have boney prominences that could create vulnerability or actual wounds. To help heal those wounds or to prevent pressure injuries, the Miracle Dressing should be placed on the skin at its maximal stretching. On the scalp trim all the hair in that area prior to placing the MD.

Applying MDS to the Spine

On the spine, if you have a spiney prominence, you would again stretch the skin and place the agglutinant. Place MDS on the spine in a vertical direction. Scapula sometimes can have boney prominences also. In stretching the skin and placing the dressing in the direction of the injury or vulnerable skin will be essential.

Applying MDS to the Shoulders

Application of MDS on the shoulders must be in the complete stretched position.

Applying MDS to the Lateral Hip (Trochanter) and Buttocks

Pressure injuries are commonly found on the lateral hip or trochanter and the buttocks. And in both of these situations, place MDS in the vertical direction of the dressing. Remember when you have a wound you want to overlap the MDS to maximize the benefit.

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