Clean, Wash and Provide Daily Maintenance Miracle Dressing

Cleaning Exudate from Miracle Dressing

The patent pending pore action of Miracle Dressing is designed to pull exudate away from the wound.

If there is excessive oozing, a damp absorbent pad or gauze can be placed over the Miracle Dressing to collect it. The drying action of this gauze will pull excess exudate away from the wound. If the wound is only oozing slightly, apply dry gauze only when needed to protect clothing or bedsheets.

Washing Miracle Dressing

Should the Miracle Dressing become soiled with urine, feces or dirt: The first step is to take gauze and remove the gross feces or dirt. The dressing is very resilient to this cleaning process. Then use hand soap to wash the Miracle Dressing. Rinse with tap water then dry.

Daily Maintenance

1. Once or twice a day, rinse the Miracle Dressing with tap water on a paper towel or gauze pad, or in the shower, and blot dry.

2. Using a cotton-tipped swab apply a pea-sized amount of the enclosed Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel on top the pressure injury or vulnerable area.

Although not usually necessary, if you need to apply an antibiotic ointment, apply sparingly (1/8 of pea size) every three days and only over the pressure injury or vulnerable area.

Rarely does Miracle Miracle Dressing need to be removed. However, if needed, place a gauze soaked with isopropyl alcohol over the portion of the MD that is surrounding the wound pressure injury for 5 minutes and carefully remove, starting from the edges.

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