Eric Lewis, MD

Dr Eric LewisDr. Lewis has been an innovator and entrepreneur since the age of seven. He started and developed over a dozen innovative companies before the age of 35.

As an undergraduate at UCSB he majored in biochemistry and earned the Dean’s Award for the Most Outstanding Senior. While studying at UCLA Medical School, Dr. Lewis was selected to be an Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society member.

After finishing his Dermatology Residency at UCLA in 1981, Dr. Lewis opened his popular dermatology and cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills. Patients have traveled from all over the country and all over the world for to receive his treatments.

Early in his career, Dr. Lewis developed transformative techniques for liposuction, lipotransfer, hair transplantation, scalp reduction and scar reduction – which he also taught at UCLA. He wrote all of the dermatology content for the book “Wilderness Emergencies” and recorded a series of videos for CNN on different aspects of dermatology.

Dr. Lewis is a member, in good standing, of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Academy of Liposuction Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, the American Medical Association, the Los Angeles County Medical Association and the California Medical Association.

Recognizing a tremendous unmet need, Dr. Lewis volunteered to be the Dermatologist in Charge of 25 nursing homes in West Los Angeles. Those five years proved to be the most frustrating in Dr. Lewis’ career. There was – and remains to this day – no successful prevention or effective treatment for pressure sores. Over his 38 years of practice, Dr. Lewis has used every dressing on the market, all of which have demonstrated minimal benefit for recalcitrant wounds.

Dr. Lewis began research 18 years ago on healing compounds for wound care and prevention. He then developed a unique combination of wound dressing and healing compounds. His breakthroughs have been remarkable in not only improving the speed of healing but the quality of healing. His systems also minimize the chance of further tissue breakdown and strengthen vulnerable skin.

Dr. Lewis has more recently turned his innovation efforts to help heal recalcitrant wounds. Many think that his Miracle Dressing Wound Care System may be recognized as one of the greatest innovations in wound care. It appears that Dr. Lewis’ lifelong goal to cure one of the greatest scourges of medicine is close to being achieved.