Experience of Wound Healing Using Miracle Dressing Wound Care System

By Eric A. Lewis, MD

Starting in 2014, I began designing new long-lasting wound dressings with properties to improve the speed and quality of healing, decrease infection, and minimize wound care.  These dressings were also designed to prevent peripheral skin break down.  This is especially true in older people who have thin, atrophic skin or susceptibility to skin break down because of diabetes, sensory neuropathy, or other medical conditions that create cutaneous vulnerability.  In addition, the need to change dressings regularly can create even more peripheral skin disruption than the original wound.

As the design of the patent pending Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS) evolved, the healing results changed. The first iteration stayed on the wound for only 7 to 10 days.  In the latest version, the Miracle Dressing falls off on its own after 18 to 28 days, usually after the wound heals completely. Of course, this eliminates the daily disruption of the healing wound, the introduction of bacteria that would increase the chance of infection or colonization, irritation of the surrounding skin, and the suffocation of the wound when telfa dressing is not changed or if the wound gets warm or wet. It also significantly reduces nursing time to change the wound dressing, pain to the patient, and marked stress to both the patient as well as the caregiver.

As determined by the clinical situation, the dressing design allows application and delivery to the wound of lubrication lotions, anti-inflammatory creams and antibiotic ointments.  Old, thin, atrophic skin is generally also very dry.  This xerosis creates micro fissures in the skin which not only predispose to infection but cause massive inflammation that destroys collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  This destruction weakens the skin further initiating skin breakdown and new wound formation.  I have found that the best method of preventing these conditions is the use of a product I developed: Natural Marine Extract™ in Aloe Vera Gel (NME in AVG). The ingredients have been shown to rejuvenate atrophic skin and speed healing. It also helps seal the micro fissures, aids in wound repair, promotes the skin’s natural healing ability and makes the skin healthier.

The evolution of Miracle Dressing Wound Care System was mainly due to the vast experience generated from their placement on wounds of patients in my office.  These wounds were traumatic or surgical, and exhibited varying degrees of size and depth (see patient database).  The combination of the patent-pending Miracle Dressing and the patented Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel produced overwhelmingly positive results of this large sample of over 1,000 wounds on which the dressings were placed.

In my 39-year history of practicing dermatology and cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, I have never seen wounds of all types heal as quickly as with MDS and NME in AVG. Of course, the healing time and quality are directly proportional to the size and depth of the wounds.  The wound locations are also a major healing factor.  The same size/depth wound on the face, neck/scalp, trunk/arms and legs/feet have a wide range of healing times. For example, a wound on the face takes one week to heal, while the same size/depth would take: 1.5 weeks on the neck/scalp; 2-3 weeks on the trunk/arms; and 4-8 weeks on the legs/feet.  The speed and quality of healing in all sizes, depths and areas of wounds has improved about 50% using MDS.

Of the over 1,000 wounds on which the dressings were placed, all but one had not only faster but higher quality of wound healing.  The sole exception was an elderly man who had a wide, deep and aggressive squamous cell carcinoma removed from his shin using a modified Mohs technique. Contrary to the recommended procedures, the patient never washed, cleaned or exposed the dressing to water.  He also missed several office appointments.  A large eschar developed which I had to debride with the dressing when the patient returned to my office after four weeks.  Although there was no infection, an inflammatory reaction created marked swelling and erythema. Wet to dry dressings were placed which I changed every other day.  The wound ultimately took over 12 weeks to heal with traditional dressings.

In my experience, Miracle Dressing has never caused an allergic reaction or irritative dermatitis.  There has never been an infection or wound dehiscence. The skin of an elderly patient is quite different than that of a young person. The standard practice of daily wound changes (gauze/telfa pads with tape, “Band Aids”, etc.) on the atrophic skin of an elderly patient commonly causes maceration of the wound and disruption of the skin around it.   Miracle Dressing universally preserves the integrity of the wound and the peripheral skin.

In summary, in my 1,000-patient experience, Miracle Dressing Wound Care System and Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel has dramatically improved the healing of almost all wounds and the prevention of break-down of vulnerable skin.