John Armstrong DO

Dr. John Armstrong
Dr. John Armstrong completed his medical education at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey (SOM) graduating with Honors and Dean distinction. He subsequently completed his Residency at (Kennedy Memorial Hospital – NJ) in Family Medicine in 1992. He practiced for more than a decade as an Emergency Medicine physician averaging more than 4,500 patient encounters annually. He then transitioned to the inpatient setting and established one of the initial Hospitalist/Intensivist Programs in New Jersey treating thousands of patients each year for the next decade.

As a member of several Senior Management Committees, he became instrumental in establishing new protocols and policies that improved the quality of care delivery in the hospital setting while reducing overhead cost, documenting fiscal responsibility in healthcare is feasible. He was instrumental in the implementation of the 100,000 lives campaign at the Hospital and attended meetings with the NJ State Hospital Association to assist in improving the quality of Healthcare in New Jersey.

Certified in HBOT (Hyper-Baric Oxygen Therapy) & Wound Care he witnessed first hand the pain and suffering associated with wound care while acknowledging little has changed through the decades with respect to wound care. John’s focus has always been on the quality of care delivered while being fiscally responsible in a healthcare system that seems to currently lack accountability.

Acknowledging Value Based Care is the future of Healthcare in America. Quality and profitability need not be mutually exclusive, redistribution of current spending is paramount to the survivability of our Healthcare System. John views his challenge as: Heal every wound in America while saving tens of billions in Healthcare expenditure through higher quality of care and more efficient redistribution of taxpayers dollars. Pressure wounds must (and should) become a thing of the past. John feels that Miracle Dressing Wound Care System is the answer.