How to Apply Miracle Dressing Wound Care System Sacral Kit


How To Apply Miracle Dressing Wound Care System Sacral Kit Video

Please watch this video before going on to the Expanded Wound Care Kit Video.

Welcome, I’m Eric Lewis. I’m the inventor of the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (Miracle Dressing and Agglutinant with Natural Marine Extract). The use of these dressings is for the prevention of pressure injuries and healing of level one and level two pressure sores or wounds. Please do not use these on level three or level four pressure wounds.

This is the sacral kit. It has two four by six Miracle Dressings and three cc's of Agglutinant with Natural Marine Extract (AME).

This is the Expanded kit of Miracle Dressing with Agglutinant and Natural Marine Extract. And it has four four by six Miracle Dressings and four two by four Miracle Dressings. And as you can see, it is also in a sterile pack and has 5 cc's of Agglutinant with Natural Marine Extract (AME).

Cleansing Skin or Wound Before Applying Miracle Dressing

Step One: Clean with Hand Soap and Water
The first step in applying Miracle Dressing with AME is to take gauze, a little bit of hand soap and tap water and we’re going to be washing the area of the sacrum and coccyx which is the most common location for pressure injuries and pressure wounds.

Step Two: If There is a Wound in this Location
If there was a wound in this location, we would be using hydrogen peroxide to clean the blood and the exudate away from the wound and then tap water to rinse off the hydrogen peroxide and any remaining soap from the wound.

Step Three: Dry the Wound
The wound should be dry before going to the next step. Please pat dry with a clean gauze.

Application Beginning with Aggulutinant with Natural Marine Extract (AME)

The next step is the Agglutinant with Marine Extract. A key component of the process of applying the Agglutinant with Marine Extract is shaking the bottle in a very vigorous way to release the Marine Extract from the sedimented state to the suspended state. And to do that we literally need to turn the bottle upside down and shake vigorously.

We are going to be using two Q tips and we are going to be putting it over the area of weakened skin. If there is a break in the skin, the Agglutinant contains a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Consequently, there may be some stinging and that is going to completely go away after the Agglutinant dries.

Wait Two Minutes for the AME to Dry

This now is the most difficult part of applying this dressing. Which is waiting for two minutes while it dries.

Remove the Backing and Place the Miracle Dressing

To place the Miracle Dressing, we take the little tab in the right upper corner of the dressing and we go ahead and remove the backing.

Placing the Miracle Dressing

We place it so that the dressing is right over the vulnerable area, whether it is the coccyx or the sacrum and we are going to be patting it down ... just like you see me doing here.

The second dressing we are going to overlap right over the most damaged skin or the level one or level two wound itself.

In doing so we want to stretch the skin so that the skin is stretched and so that when we release that skin the dressing can go ahead and wrinkle as you see right here. And this is over vulnerable skin or a wound so that the overlapping of the dressing is completely overlapping both the upper and lower Miracle Dressing.

Remove Excess AME from around the Miracle Dressing

At this stage, the last stage of the placement is taking another gauze and isopropyl alcohol and removing the extra AME from the periphery. You can go ahead and lightly pat dry the edges just like that and that dressing is now complete.

The four major points in the application of Miracle Dressing and Agglutinant with Marine Extract are:

Number 1: Miracle Dressing and AME only work together.

Number 2: Rinse the wound daily not only to clean the underlying skin but also to dissolve the marine extracts to improve the quality of healing

Number 3: Never take off the dressing, only wash with soap and water if it is soiled with fecal matter, until it falls off on its own in three to four weeks

Number 4: Probably the most important differentiating factor of this dressing and agglutinant with marine extract is that it not only protects the vulnerable skin but it makes that vulnerable skin healthier and more resilient to future pressure injury by the release of marine extracts with every rinsing of the wound.

Congratulations, you have just joined a team that is setting a new paradigm in pressure wound healing and pressure injury prevention. Welcome.