About MBET Health

MBET Health is a solutions-oriented technology company focused on solving one of the most resilient and important problems facing the world of medicine: preventing and healing wounds.

The MBET Health management team includes medical and surgical doctors from a multitude of disciplines, pharmacists and marine biologists.

Beginning in 2001, their founders sourced global literature for marine compounds reported to have human health benefits.  As a result of their extensive studies and tests, several compounds and systems have been patented (or patent-pending) and have been specifically designed for rejuvenation and effective repair of damaged skin. The mechanisms of action of their system's ingredients are designed to heal intractable wounds and strengthen weak, vulnerable skin to minimize the probability of breakdown.

Over a seven-year period, MBET Health developed technologies specifically designed to protect wounds and vulnerable skin from friction, pinching and irritation and allow the skin to repair itself in a matter of weeks. The end product is a system designed to prevent pressure injuries (bedsores) and help heal Stage 1 and Stage 2 wounds.