Prevent and Help Heal Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pressure Injuries (Bedsores)

Why Pressure Injuries Have Increased

Every year after the age of 30, the skin loses on average about 2% (3% for heavily sun-exposed skin) of its collagen (strength), elastin (elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (thickness). The skin also loses a similar percentage of its fibrocytes and capillaries which build and maintain the skin and supply the skin with nutrients. These changes create severe atrophic, friable skin in the elderly.

Over the last 100 years, life expectancy has increased from 50 to 82 years old. During that same time period, the vulnerability and incidence of pressure injuries (bedsores) has increased exponentially. On average every year, approximately 2.5 million patients across the United States acquire new pressure injuries and approximately 60,000 of these patients die from pressure injury complications. Because of patient confinement due to COVID-19 mitigation, the number of these bedsores significantly increased. Importantly, the Department of Health and Human Services has determined that 93% of all pressure related injuries are preventable. Miracle Professional Dressing will facilitate the prevention of those injuries.

Traditional Pressure Injury Care

It is well recognized that changing dressings on wounds strips off portions of the healing tissue and can irritate the peripheral areas that the dressing adheres to. Thus, minimizing dressing changes is central to not only good wound care, but also the prevention and healing of pressure injuries. Most dressings must be changed every one to two days, and much more frequently with wounds that have excessive exudate. Many of the longer-lasting dressings use “baby diaper” technology to soak exudate away from the wound. However, this creates pressure on the dressing, forcing the exudate back onto the wound which can create maceration, increased chance of infection, and slowing - and sometimes reversing - the healing process.

Advantages of Miracle Professional Dressing

The new Miracle Professional Dressing (MPD) combines patented and patent-pending technology to produce a 21-day stay-in-place, breathable dressing that is designed to prevent and help quickly heal Stage 1 & Stage 2 pressure injuries. It is easily administered by simply peeling off the backing and placing it on the affected area of the skin.

Dr. Eric Lewis’ experience using Miracle Dressing on over 750 patients with traumatic or surgical wounds demonstrated an approximately 50% improvement in the speed and quality of healing. This was demonstrated by the peer reviewed paper and poster “Study Using a 21 Day Stay-in-Place Wound Care Dressing Containing Marine Extracts.” In long term nursing facilities around Tampa, Florida, Dr. John Armstrong has witnessed these same healing benefits for Stage 1, 2 and superficial 3 pressure injuries, while the quality of healing minimized the potential for the development of future pressure injuries. In a 50 patient study he showed 98% healing of 1, 2 and superficial 3 PIs or prevention of patients developing PIs.

MBET Health is reinventing the way healthcare providers should approach pressure injuries.

“The best way to treat a wound is to prevent it in the first place.”

It is important to note that Miracle Professional Dressing also saves nursing time and stress from constantly changing dressings, improves FTE, and decreases dressing and disposal costs. Eliminating the frequent changing of dressings also minimizes pain and anxiety of both the patient, the patient's family and the caregiver.

Miracle Professional Dressing has specially-designed pores to allow breathability and water permeability and perforations which use accentuated capillary forces to pull blood and exudate away from the wound and draw topical medicinals towards the wound.  In cases when the exudate is excessive, an absorbent pad can be placed over the Miracle Dressing without changing the dressing.  Thus, even with wounds that have the heaviest exudates, the only necessary wound care is rinsing tap water over the Miracle Dressing and changing the overlying absorbent pad without disturbing the wound or irritating the surrounding skin. Miracle Professional Dressing is impregnated with Natural Marine Extract (NME) time release crystals. After the wound is blotted dry, a humectant such as Miracle of the Sea® Natural Marine Extract™ in Aloe Vera Gel can be quickly and easily applied through the permeable Miracle Dressing adding additional NME to the wound. The ingredients of our patented Natural Marine Extract have been shown to improve the speed and quality of healing and improve the resilience of the healed skin.

There is little or no pain or stress to the patient or caregiver.

How to Use

Simply washing with hydrogen peroxide followed by tap water rinsing over the dressing allows cleansing of the wound without changing the dressing.  For wounds with heavy exudate, standing in the shower and allowing the water to rinse over the dressing for two minutes cleans effectively without disrupting the wound.  The dressing falls off on its own in approximately 21 days, at which point the affected area is usually healed. If the wound is not completely healed, another Miracle Dressing can be placed after the first falls off on its own.

Because pressure injuries have the potential to damage large areas of skin, Miracle Dressing is provided in a 13” by 4” size which can be overlapped to cover even the largest areas of affected skin.

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Miracle Professional Dressing Pressure Injury Bedsore Prevention

Miracle Professional Dressing for Pressure Injury Prevention

For information about requesting Miracle Dressing to your healthcare professional, see this page.