Protocol for Burns, Abrasions & Superficial Avulsions

Applying Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS)

Second and early third-degree burns, stage two pressure injuries, abrasions and superficial avulsions are injuries which have similar wound depths and treatments. Their injuries penetrate into but not through the dermis.

Miracle Dressing Wound Care System Kit Includes

  • Miracle Dressing (MD) in pre-cut strips. With water contact, the pore design allows cleaning of the wound including the removal of blood and exudate.
  • Natural Marine Extract Time Release Crystals in agglutinant (AME)
  • Humectant sample: Miracle of the Sea® Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel
  • Cotton tipped swabs

These are single use kits.

Miracle Dressing is an FDA Class I medical device which has been shown to help heal and protect cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns and other superficial wounds. It is designed to stay in place for about three to four weeks and then fall off on its own. Miracle Dressing should not be removed prematurely.

MDS Application

    1. Clean the wound and surrounding skin with hydrogen peroxide or soap and water followed by rinsing with water.
    2. Re-orient any flaps of skin or blisters over their corresponding wound bed using one of the enclosed cotton tipped swabs. Puncture and remove any fluid from second degree burn blisters.
    3. Blot dry.
    4. Turn the bottle of AME upside down and shake vigorously for five seconds to distribute the Natural Marine Extract crystals.
    5. Using a cotton tipped swab, apply AME over the wound and for a distance of at least 1” making sure to extend beyond the edges of where the Miracle Dressing will be placed. In the case of a burn where the blister is still intact, please place the AME over the wound extending beyond it for at least 1”.  ALLOW TO DRY FOR 2 MINUTES.
    6. Cut the Miracle Dressing to fit just inside the skin with AME. If the wound and surrounding ecchymoses is too large for one MD strip, overlap additional strips with ½ inch overlap.
    7. Pull on the small tab on the upper right corner of the MD paper backing to easily remove each Miracle Dressing strip from the backing before placing on skin. If there is no longer a tab, remove Miracle Dressing (MD) from its backing by attaching a piece of Scotch Tape (or other tape) onto the corner skin-colored MD and lifting away from the backing.
    8. Place the first Miracle Dressing strip over the wound and at least 1/2″ beyond.
    9. Clean any excess peripheral AME with alcohol on a gauze pad.
    10. Pat down all the edges of the dressing

    MDS Maintenance

    1. At least once or twice a day, immerse the Miracle Dressing with water (shower or wash cloth compresses). Blot the Miracle Dressing dry after water immersion and then:  Apply the enclosed Miracle of The Sea Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel – or your favorite humectant - after every water immersion or at least twice a day.Using one of the enclosed cotton tipped swabs, spread a small amount of Aloe Vera Gel / humectant onto the Miracle Dressing and allow it to be absorbed into the wound and the surrounding skin through the Miracle Dressing.  If you are also applying an antibiotic ointment use only after the Aloe Vera Gel / humectant. Please use this sparingly so as not to clog the Miracle Dressing’s pores. Use 1/8 of pea size – and only over the wound area.
    2. A damp absorbent pad or gauze can be placed over the Miracle Dressing to collect excessive oozing. The drying action of this gauze will pull excess exudate away from the wound. If the wound is only oozing slightly, apply dry gauze only when needed to protect clothing or bedsheets.
    3. Do not remove Miracle Dressing unless there is severe pain, redness and swelling. To remove, place a gauze soaked with isopropyl alcohol over the portion of the MD that is surrounding the wound for 5 minutes and carefully remove, starting from the edges.


    Unopened kits can be stored flat.
    Keep in temperature less than 75°f.
    Can also be refrigerated but it is not necessary.

    Precautions / Allergens

    Do not use around the eyes or lips. Avoid contact with eyes either directly or indirectly from fingers.

    The safety of Natural Marine Extract has not been determined in patients with seafood allergies. Stop using if you experience an allergic reaction.

    Miracle Dressing™ is a § 880.5240 medical device and an exempted class I device as defined in 21 CFR Parts 862-8928 and is manufactured in an FDA registered establishment in compliance therein.

    Miracle Dressing™ is being protected by one or more pending or issued patents.

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