Miracle Dressing Wound Care System Resurfacing Protocol


Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS) is most effective for resurfacing procedures when it can be anchored peripherally by at least 3 to 5cm of non- surgical skin. Thus, localized types of resurfacing like under the eyes (with blepharoplasty) around the lips, anterior chest, neck and tattoo removal are ideal procedures for MDS.

Needling, Fraxel laser, acid peel and microdermabrasion need to be compressed with water and blotted dry.
Aluminum chloride may be used to minimize bleeding.

Agglutinant with Natural Marine Extract (AME) should be placed over the resurfaced skin and 3 to 5cm of peripheral skin using the dropper and spread with a Q-tip.

Let it dry.

Overlap Miracle Dressing strips by at least 1cm.

Post - Operative Home Care:

For the first 4 to 7 days post operatively, damp gauze or wash cloth compresses should be placed over the Miracle Dressing – 15 minutes every two hours while awake. And each postoperative visit to the surgeon will include further Natural Marine Extract (in Aloe Vera Gel).

After each compress apply Miracle of the Sea with 2% Natural Marine Extract (NME) in Aloe Vera Gel.

As the amount of exude decreases, the damp compresses will decrease to 15 minutes twice a day.

The Miracle Dressing usually falls off between 2 to 3 weeks when the wound is healed.

Continue using MOTS with 2% NME (in almond oil or aloe vera gel) twice a day for one month.