MDS Protocol for Sacral Pressure Injury Prevention

Applying Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS)

Miracle Dressing (MD)is an FDA Class I medical device which helps to prevent pressure injuries and promotes healing of Stage 1 and Stage 2 pressure injuries while helping to rejuvenate atrophic vulnerable skin.

Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS) was designed to stay in place for at least three weeks. AME should not be reapplied during this period, nor should the Miracle Dressing be removed prematurely.

NEVER put Miracle Dressing on a Deep Tissue Injury (DTI).

Miracle Dressing Wound Care System Kit Includes

  • Miracle Dressing (MD) in pre-cut strips. With water contact, the pore design allows cleaning of the wound including the removal of blood and exudate.
  • Natural Marine Extract Time-Release Crystals in agglutinant (AME)
  • Humectant sample: Miracle of the Sea® Aloe Vera Gel with Natural Marine Extract
  • Cotton tipped swabs

These are all single use kits.

MDS Application

  1. If there is no pressure injury, clean the vulnerable area of skin with isopropyl alcohol.
    If there is a Stage 1 or Stage 2, pressure injury, clean it with hydrogen peroxide and then rinse with tap water on a gauze or paper towel.
  2. Pat dry with a paper towel.
  3. Without removing the backing, place the two 4x6” sheets horizontally over the pressure injury and/or vulnerable area of skin overlapping them by ½”.  Using a pen or other marker, mark the four corners of MD.
  4. Turn the bottle of AME upside down and shake vigorously to distribute the Natural Marine Extract crystals.
    Drip the AME over and just beyond the marked area and spread evenly using a cotton-tipped swab.
  5. To lift the Miracle Dressing off the backing, place a piece of tape on the corner of the dressing and peel away the white backing paper.
  6. Place the first Miracle Dressing strip over the lower half of the pressure injury, or the vulnerable skin. Place the next strip above the  first strip, overlapping it by ½”.
    If you encounter wrinkled skin, manipulate the skin so that it lies flat while applying the dressing. This allows the dressing to wrinkle along with the skin in its natural state.
  7. Pat down all the edges of the dressing until the AME is dry (about one minute).
  8. Clean any excess peripheral AME with alcohol on a gauze pad.  Miracle Dressing - applied after the AME - is designed to adhere to the pressure injury or vulnerable area for three to four  weeks, allowing continuous protection before it falls off on its own.

MDS Maintenance

  1. Once or twice a day, rinse the MDS with tap water on a paper towel or gauze pad, or in the shower, and blot dry.
  2. Using a cotton-tipped swab apply a pea-sized amount of the enclosed Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel on top the pressure injury or vulnerable area.
    Although not usually necessary, if you need to apply an antibiotic ointment, apply sparingly (1/8 of pea size) every three days and only over the wound pressure injury or vulnerable area.

Rarely does Miracle Miracle Dressing need to be removed.  However, if needed, place a gauze soaked with isopropyl alcohol over the portion of the MD that is surrounding the pressure injury for 5 minutes and carefully remove, starting from the edges.


Unopened kits can be stored flat.
Keep in temperature less than 75°f.
Can also be refrigerated but it is not necessary.

Precautions / Allergens

Do not use around the eyes or lips. Avoid contact with eyes either directly or indirectly from fingers.

Do not place over a Deep Tissue Injury (DTI)

The safety of this product has not been determined in patients with seafood allergies. Stop using if you experience an allergic reaction.

The stamp is applied with an FDA approved ink (American Marking 1250).

Miracle Dressing™ is a § 880.5240 medical device and an exempted class I device as defined in 21 CFR Parts 862-8928 and is manufactured in an FDA registered establishment in compliance therein.

Miracle Dressing™ is being protected by one or more pending or issued patents.

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