Victor Tabbush, PhD

Victor TabbushVictor is an Adjunct Professor Emeritus at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

He has collaborated with The Scan Foundation and the American Geriatric Society to conduct research on the subject of the business case for person-centered care for low-income seniors with multiple chronic conditions and for those living with disabilities. Along with Lori Peterson, he is the developer of the Linkage Lab, a program first offered in 2013 with support from The Scan Foundation to build the business acumen of community-based organizations to enable cross sector partnering. The Linkage Lab has demonstrated its effectiveness in building management competencies for twenty-five community-based organizations in its three offerings in California and one in Colorado, sponsored by the Colorado Health Care Foundation.

In 2017 he was funded by The Commonwealth Fund to investigate payment models that will allow social service organizations to profitably offer their services to the medical sector for high need, high cost populations. As part of this effort, he created a now widely-used calculator to assess the return on investment from cross-sector partnerships.

In May 2019 he completed research that evaluated the financial implications of creating age-friendly health systems, an initiative led by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation.

Dr. Tabbush has served as Senior Associate Dean and Director of the UCLA Anderson School’s Executive Education programs and of its professional MBA programs.

In 2007 he developed and led the UCLA Management Development Institute that continues to build management and leadership capacity of health systems in sub Saharan Africa. He still directs the Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive program that serves U.S. community clinics and AIDS service providers.

He has recently published several articles in Aging Today, a publication of the American Society on Aging (ASA) and also in the ASA Field Guides for Community Based Organizations.