Why Use Miracle Dressing Wound Care System with Eric Lewis, M.D.

Transcript: One of the greatest medical discoveries and inventions in recent history was the band-aid, one hundred years ago. Since that time there has been one improvement in 1951. And that was adding cartoon characters. In 1920 the average life-span was 50 years old. Today it’s 82 years old. The constant removal and reapplication of the band-aid tears up older skin and creates a larger wound than the original lesion. Now it’s time for something better. We are introducing the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System: Miracle Dressing and Agglutinant with Marine Extract. The standard of care in level one and level two bedsores is daily dressing changes, cleaning the wound and then reapplying another dressing plus or minus bacterial ointment. What that does is it disrupts the wound, disrupts the healing and every single dressing change you’re irritating the skin around the wound.

The new paradigm is to place Miracle Dressing after the Agglutinant with Marine Extract over the wound and having that stay three to four weeks and peel off on its own. How does the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System work? It works in three technologies. The first is the protective layer of the dressing itself. That dressing minimizes any rubbing directly on the skin, any pinching of the skin or any shear forces that are commonly exhibited in the movement of the patient. The second technology is the Marine Extract Crystals themselves. Applied directly to the wound, they are designed to dissolve over a three-week period releasing the patent-pending Marine Extract (the ingredients of which have been shown to help transform old, thin atrophic skin into healthier new resilient skin) over a three to four-week period while never removing the dressing.

The third technology is the different size and shape of the perforations of the dressings. The larger conical elliptical pores literally use capillary forces to pull blood and exudate away from the wound and off the dressing. Those same pores in reverse pull antibiotic ointments and anti-inflammatory creams to the wounds. The medium size perforations or pores allow water to penetrate the dressing to dissolve the marine extract crystals to benefit the wound. And finally, the smallest pores or perforations are for aeration of the dressing to allow the dressing to stay on the skin for three weeks or longer.

The most important aspect of this dressing is to know that you do not have to change it. The temptation when you see any sort of debris on the wound is taking the dressing off. Please don’t do it.

The last benefit is to the facility. By decreasing or eliminating bedsores, the facility saves money. There is a decreasing nursing FTE requirement with this dressing. Since it takes 5 to 10 minutes to change the dressing and clean a wound versus about 30 seconds for Miracle Dressing, nursing time and efficiency is markedly improved with the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System.

Using Miracle Dressing also gives you a significant reduction in dressing and hazardous waste disposal costs. Since traditional dressings are much larger and bulkier and most need to be changed every day, while Miracle Dressing only needs to be changed every 21-28 days.

There will be an improvement of the patient and the patient’s family satisfaction along with the nursing home wound metrics. One of the most important aspects not only for the patient benefit of less pain and less stress - the family is more comfortable. The patient is having less pain, and also nurses are spending less time and less stressful time. Both of which play a part in the evaluation of the nursing home rating. Miracle Dressing Wound Care System is a new paradigm in not only pressure wound healing but also pressure injury prevention.

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