Welcome to a New Paradigm in the Prevention and Healing of Pressure Injuries

Patent-pending Miracle Professional Dressing Peel and Place is the world’s only 21-day stay-in-place dressing.  Impregnated with patented Natural Marine Extract™ (NME™). Time-Release Crystals, there is improved speed and quality of healing not only of the superficial wound but also the surrounding skin.

The system protects and helps heal thin, atrophic, vulnerable skin resulting in healthier more resilient skin.

Please see some of our before / after Miracles in Action.

My experience using Miracle Dressing on over 1,000 superficial traumatic or surgical wounds demonstrated an approximately 50% improvement in the speed and quality of healing.  These healing benefits have been shown to be the same for Stage 1 and 2 pressure injuries, while the quality of healing minimized the potential for future pressure injuries.

Similar results were documented in a poster presented at the San Diego Dermatology Symposium in September 2020 and the NADONA conference in November 2020.

Our Miracle Professional Dressing (MPD) mitigates many significant issues caused by the critical nursing shortage in health care facilities.

MPD saves nursing time and stress from constantly changing dressings, improves FTE, and decreases dressing and disposal costs.  Miracle Professional Dressing Peel and Place is an amazing cost-effective value - a true WIN-WIN.

I hope you enjoy using this remarkable product.


Eric Lewis M.D.
Founder MBET Health LLC

87 YO retired, declined and became more wheel chair dependent and bed bound, developing stage 1 and stage 2 sacral and buttocks pressure wounds. Secondary to atrophic skin. Response to 21 days of Miracle Professional Dressing evident in after photo.

Miracle Professional Dressing Peel and Place Unique Benefits Include:

Reduced Nursing Costs

Staff time spent on dressing care can be reduced as much as 95%. Daily maintenance of Miracle Dressing takes less than two minutes!

Reduced Stress & Workload

With resources stretched ever thinner by the current health crisis, severely over-extended staff will have their workload and daily stress levels reduced.

Reduced Pain & Stress

Reduced patient pain will also reduce their stress, as well as the stress levels of family and nursing staff who will no longer have to painfully remove and replace the patient’s dressing repeatedly.

Wounds Heal Faster

When applied to already broken skin, our dressing limits the disturbance to adjacent skin areas. Wounds heal substantially faster if such skin disturbance is limited.

Reduce Labor and Product Expenses

Over a 21-day period, our single-application dressing saves cost when compared to competing products currently on the market that must be changed at least every few days.

Prevention is Cost Effective

Preventing development of pressure wounds saves your facility from the costs associated with treating open wounds and the extended care that is required once such wounds develop. Improve your FTE utilization while avoiding associated high-cost wound expenses.

Reduce Bio-hazard and its Costs

By eliminating the large number of used dressings and associated materials, our dressing significantly reduces the volume of bio-hazardous materials that must be properly disposed of.