Healthier Skin Leads to Better Cosmetic Surgery Results

In less than 100 years, the average lifespan in the US has increased from 50 to 82 years of age. This increase in longevity is the direct result of the improved health of the population. People in ever-increasing numbers want to look as young as they feel. As a result, the field of Cosmetic Surgery is booming and all surgeons are competing for patients.

Our Products Promote Skin Improvement That is Proven Through Biopsies

Surgeons are compared to one another based on improving the total end result (skin quality plus the surgeon’s skill in performing the surgical procedure). The benefits of the ingredients in Miracle of the Sea's patented Natural Marine Extract is illustrated in the photos below of biopsy sites on both the control and treatment hands. These photos are part of a 283 patient study comparing Miracle of the Sea® 2% Natural Marine Extract in Lotion on the left arm, forearm, chest, and cheek versus the controls applying only lotion on the right sides. After four months, the epidermis and dermis increased by 300% and the fibrocytes and capillaries increased by 10 times. There were also proportional increases in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

The improved skin quality not only provides a cosmetic benefit but also improves the healing process of the cosmetic surgery. Thus, adding Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract will be the differentiator between simply great cosmetic/plastic surgeons and truly extraordinary practitioners.

External “Aging” has two major components: 1) the amount and distribution of fat, muscle, bone and cartilage and 2) skin quality. When any cosmetic surgery is performed, the total end result is attributed to the surgeon. If the patient has young, beautiful and healthy skin, the result is an optimal surgical outcome. However, if the patient has thin, atrophic skin, the structural surgical improvement is hampered by the poor quality of the skin. In fact, surgery in such cases can accentuate the poor pre-surgical skin conditions! For the perfect surgical result, the skin quality and structural improvements must go hand in hand.

It is clear that to achieve the best surgical results, surgeons must maximize skin health and appearance by increasing strength, elasticity and thickness. This includes improved epidermal and dermal thickness; increasing dermal collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that creates more productive and numerous fibrocytes; and improving circulation by establishing new, well-placed capillaries. This not only improves the end result of any surgical procedure, but it also dramatically improves the speed and quality of healing after surgery.

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    Pre and Post Cosmetic Surgery Care with Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract

    We suggest having the patient use a Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract topical in the area where the surgery will be performed. The product should be applied daily, massaging in firmly for at least 10 seconds, for a duration of at least two weeks before surgery. Choose the almond oil for your 50+ patients and the aloe vera gel or serum for your younger patients. Ideally, one capsule a day of Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract Capsules should be added to this protocol.

    Miracle of the Sea Skin Solutions Complement Resurfacing Procedures

    Healthier skin produces better cosmetic surgery including procedures like needling, Fraxel laser, acid peel and microdermabrasion. For protocol details please click here

    Miracle of the Sea Skin Solutions Complement Neuromodulator and Fillers Injection Procedures

    Neuromodulators (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®), Fillers, Liposuction/Sculpting, Lipo Dissolving/Destruction (Kybella®). All of these cosmetic surgery procedures results are improved with healthier skin created by Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract topicals.

    Along with the almond oil, aloe vera gel and serum recommended for other procedures, Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm is uniquely suited to preparing the lips for best lip enhancement results.

    For neuromodulator, filler, liposuction/sculpting, lip dissolving/destruction protocols please click here.

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    Miracle Dressing Wound Care System in Place of External Sutures

    Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS) is a new paradigm in wound dressing that improves the speed and quality of wound healing. External sutures are a common entry point for bacteria to infect wounds. They also can produce scars at the incisional site of sutures and “railroad track” scars from the pressure of the healing wound across the surgical incision or leaving external stitches in too long. MDS makes the perfect dressing to replace external stitches after closing the wound with deep absorbable sutures, as you can see in the facial surgery performed on Gloria S. (see photos below.)

    This dressing uses capillary forces to pull exudate and blood off the wound and allows medicinals to be pulled to the wound. Because Miracle Dressing is extremely thin and transparent, the wound can be easily monitored.

    The total post op care will simply consist of rinsing the dressing in a shower or with a sponge at least once a day. This will clean the wound without disrupting it. After the wound is blotted dry, a humectant such as the enclosed Miracle of the Sea® Aloe Vera Gel with Natural Marine Extract™ can be quickly and easily applied through the permeable Miracle Dressing. As mentioned in the study description, the ingredients of our patented Natural Marine Extract have been shown to improve the speed and quality of healing and improve the resilience of the healed skin.

    This dressing is designed to stay on the wound for at least 21 days and fall off on its own.

    When using Miracle Dressing Wound Care System for your surgical closures after the patient waits the three to four weeks for the Miracle Dressing to fall off, they can continue to use the 2% topical product daily for at least a month after surgery. As they see the results of the product on their skin, they will likely want to continue using it. For detailed protocol please click here.

    Even without replacing your external sutures with the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System, you should have the patient continue to use the 2% topical product for at least a month after surgery.

    surgical closures wound healing example

    Comparative Study Showing Benefits of Miracle Dressing Wound Care System for Excision Surgery

    Eric A. Lewis, Study Using a 21-Day Wound Care System, Paper number 138 presented at San Diego Dermatology Symposium, Sept 2020 and NADONA Conference Nov 2020.

    For each of the parameters examined, healing was remarkably accelerated in the 21-day dressing (Miracle Dressing Wound Care System) group. Furthermore, patients in the 21-day dressing group reported a higher satisfaction with post-surgical care at home compared to controls. For details, please click here.

    Miracle Dressing Wound Care System Can Be Used With Resurfacing Procedures

    Miracle Dressing Wound Care System can also be placed over the skin after resurfacing procedures like needling, Fraxel laser, acid peel and microdermabrasion. This is most effective when there is sufficient peripheral skin to secure the dressing.
    For MDS resurfacing protocol please click here.

    This is a new paradigm in cosmetic surgery: combining expert surgical procedures with transformative skin treatment using Miracle of the Sea Aloe Vera Gel with Natural Marine Extract.

    The Patented Natural Marine Extract Ingredients’ Mechanism of Action

    Natural Marine Extract is composed of all-natural marine species including Holothuria cinerascens (ashy sea cucumber), Spirulina pacifica (Hawaiian spirulina), Chalmys rubida (Pacific pink scallop), Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (giant red urchin), Holothuria mexicana (donkey dung sea cucumber), Haliotis fulgens (green abalone), Arthrospira platensis (spirulina), Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish sea cucumber), Stronylocentrotus purpuratus (purple urchin), Haliotus rufescens (red abalone), Holothuria scabra (sandfish, a sea cucumber), Ascophyllium nodosum (knotted wrack kelp), Macrocystis integrifolia (giant kelp), Microcystis aeruginosa (blue green algae).

    Analysis of Natural Marine Extract using UPLC-MS and LC-MS-MS showed that Natural Marine Extract expresses in the following compounds: Arachidonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, ubiquitin, triterpenoid glycoside saponin, philinospide E and lipopolysaccharide, fucosylated chondroitin sulfate, Hemocyanin, calmodulin, nucleoplasmin, ferritin, cathepsin D, glycosaminoglycan, bioactive peptides, and 13-Methyltetradecanoic acid.

    These marine species and compounds have been studied and shown (Please see our references for relevant marine species and compounds) to repair damaged DNA and stimulate DNA expression (which are critical functions of cellular rejuvenation). Thus, they have positive benefits for the thin and atrophic deteriorating skin. This atrophic skin has few fibrocytes (as shown in the control group biopsy photo above and the related Natural Marine Extract Biopsy Comparison Study) and capillaries and while exhibiting a severe loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The skin changes caused by the ingredients in Natural Marine Extract create young, productive fibrocytes and capillaries which allow a marked increase in production of collagen (for skin strength), elastin (for skin elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (for skin thickness).

    Professional Testimonial KAO Institute

    Being the Director of a portfolio of aesthetics companies and a premier surgical practice, I have access to every topical and oral supplement product available. Miracle of the Sea (MOTS) skin care line and supplements are the foundation of my total beauty and health regime. There is simply no other single product that is as effective as MOTS. I have also introduced the MOTS collection to our entire staff and now our exclusive formulation is one of our center’s lead product lines and a hero product to many of our patients.

    At our center, KAO Institute, we incorporate the pre, during, and post procedure Miracle of the Sea protocols for many of our resurfacing procedures including micro-needling, laser, radio frequency, acid peels, and micro dermabrasion. It gives us a superior edge and increases successful outcomes.

    We have just started using Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS) in our practice and it continues to exceed our expectations. We anticipate utilizing it in most of our cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in the future.

    ~ Cassondra Todd, Executive Director, KAO Institute: KAO Plastic Surgery | KAO Aesthetics | KAO Regenerative Therapies