Bullous Pemphigoid

Bullous pemphigoid is a rare blistering disease, most commonly found in the elderly. It is caused by the patient’s immune system attacking its own skin at the subepidermal level (below the epidermis and in the upper dermis). This disease has a multiple year course. Commonly these firm intact blisters are found in the skin folds of the axilla, knees, elbows, and abdomen. These bulla produce severe itching; scratching, of course slows the healing and increases the propensity for infection.

These elderly patients have a very difficult time treating this horribly uncomfortable disease. Changing wound dressings daily is overwhelming. These dressing changes not only disrupt the wound healing, but also irritate the surrounding skin and can cause more bullous pemphigoid. This prolonged slow healing wound in the elderly patient has an increased chance of infection. Thus, these patients, especially during an exacerbation, usually need hospitalization.

Miracle Professional Dressing is truly a miracle for these patients. The 21-day stay-in-place dressing, not only eliminates changing dressings once or twice a day, but it stabilizes the blistered skin and protects the surrounding area from any trauma. The ingredients in Natural Marine Extract speed up the healing of the wound, and strengthens the resiliency of the surrounding skin.

Treatment Needs for Pemphigoid

Treatment should be based on preserving the viability of the blistered skin, protecting the surrounding skin from any trauma including adhesive irritation and dressing changes that are traumatic to both the wound and surrounding skin. Wound change procedures should provide for longer dressing change intervals while being able to monitor signs of infection, as well as being able to clean blood and exudate from the wound as needed (up to two times a day) without removing the dressing and disturbing the blistered skin.

Our Better Treatment Alternative for Pemphigoid

Unfortunately, no such dressing existed until the inventions, research, development, patenting and manufacture of two transformative technologies: Miracle Dressing™ and Natural Marine Extract™ (NME™). The patent-pending Miracle Professional Dressing (MPD) is a 21-day stay-in-place dressing through which a health care provider can clean and medicate the wound without changing the dressing. MPD creates a protective “second skin” barrier to prevent shear or friction forces and other traumas. This allows the blistered skin to heal without disruption while the surrounding skin remains trauma free. Miracle Dressing falls off on its own in approximately 21 days which is usually when the blistered wound is healed. If needed, the Miracle Professional Dressing can be re-applied.

MPD is impregnated with NME. Our patented Natural Marine Extract™ in aloe vera is composed of a revolutionary group of compounds, the ingredients of which have been shown to improve the speed of healing and quality of damaged or wounded skin. (Please see our Natural Marine Extract ingredient references.) Sealing the micro-fissures of dry, atrophic skin improves the integrity, strength and resilience of the injured skin. Foam, silicone and standard adhesive barriers do not remove exudate or blood and do nothing to improve the quality of the underlying skin.

Lubrication is an important part of the healing process. A humectant, including additional Miracle of the Sea in Aloe Vera Gel can be applied over the bandage with a cotton tipped swab and it will be absorbed into the skin and also improve healing.

Please see the testimonial on our Burns page because the MPD treatment of burns is similar to the MPD treatment of Pemphigoid

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Miracle Professional Dressing is the miracle answer to the plight of Pemphigoid patients. 

Dr. John Armstrong

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