90YO Bedsore Pain Relief

My mother is 90 years old and suffered a debilitating stroke in 1991. For the last seven years, Mom has been in “assisted living”. And for most of that period, “we’ve" struggled with bedsores, as my mother is limited to her bed or her wheelchair. Rarely a week goes by without hearing her complain about bedsore pain and it also compromises her willingness and ability to socialize. She does not want to attend outings, go to the dining rooms or attend social activities because of the pain of sitting in her wheelchair too long. Her Dr.’s have been unable to remedy her situation.

I sent a Miracle Dressing kit to her facility in early April. My brother and I emphasized the importance of following the instructions and procedures indicated with the dressings and we began the trial after the middle part of April.

Because of Covid and our inability to actually visit my mother since the middle of March, we’ve had to rely on “second hand” observation. But the results have been astounding! My mother used to complain daily about how much her bedsores hurt. Since early May, ZERO complaints! Zip, nada, zilch! Her nurses have also noticed that there have been NO complaints since early May, nearly 3 months!!!

My mother is now attending meals, happy hour and other activities and she feels much more active and a participant in things!

Miracle Dressing worked for her and I’m sure that it will work for so many others.

Thank you. ”  ~ David W.