First, Second and Superficial Third Degree Burns, Abrasions and Superficial Avulsions

Burns, Abrasions and Avulsions

Second-degree burns and skin abrasions are partial damage into - but not completely through - the dermis; third-degree burns and avulsions have damage that penetrates through the dermis. These deeper injuries typically have additional superficial areas of damage to the periphery.

Traditional Burn Treatment

These second and third degree burns, skin abrasions and skin avulsions are among the most painful injuries not only at the time of the injury, but each and every day when the wound dressings are changed. Daily wound changes are necessary because these injuries create a tremendous amount of exudate and blood which, if left in place, dramatically increase the chance of infection. Not only are these dressing changes painful, they are also disruptive, removing much - and sometimes all - of the healing portion of the wound. These dressing changes also damage the surrounding skin by adhesive tape irritation, which markedly slows the healing process, increases the chance of infection and exaggerates the scarring process.

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Advantages of a Long-Term Dressing

Simple absorbent dressings (even those that claim to “last for days”) get overwhelmed with the exudate and must be changed up to two to three times a day due to dressing saturation. The new Miracle Dressing Wound Care System combines patented and patent-pending technology to produce a 21-day dressing that is designed for heavy exudates and/or bleeding without the need to change the dressing. If the user chooses to apply the enclosed patented Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel as the daily recommended humectant, the ingredients of NME have been shown to improve the speed and quality of healing and improve the resilience of the healed skin (please see our Natural Marine Extract ingredient references).

Miracle Dressing has specially designed perforations which use accentuated capillary forces to pull blood and exudate away from the wound and draw topical medicinals towards the wound. Sometimes when the exudate is excessive, an absorbent pad can be placed over the Miracle Dressing without changing it. Thus, even with wounds that have the heaviest exudates, the only necessary wound care is rinsing tap water over the Miracle Dressing, applying humectant to the surface of the Miracle Dressing where it is quickly absorbed into the wound, and changing the absorbent pad without disturbing the wound or irritating the surrounding skin. There is little or no pain or stress to the patient or caregiver. Hydrogen peroxide washing followed by tap water rinsing over the dressing allows cleansing of the wound without changing the dressing. For wounds with heavy exudate, standing in the shower and allowing the water to rinse over the dressing for five minutes cleans effectively without disrupting the wound. The dressing falls off on its own between 21 to 28 days, at which point it is usually healed. If the wound is not completely healed, another Miracle Dressing Wound Care System can be placed.

Because of the potential of much larger areas of damage with thermal burns, Miracle Dressing Wrap Roll Wound Care Kit provides a full five feet of 2” width Miracle Dressing. This allows tailoring of the Miracle Dressing to fit the burn area or to wrap completely around a limb or other area of the body.

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