References for Benefits of Natural Marine Extract™ Marine Species

Natural Marine Extract is composed of all-natural marine species including Holothuria cinerascens (ashy sea cucumber), Spirulina pacifica (Hawaiian spirulina), Chalmys rubida (Pacific pink scallop), Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (giant red urchin), Holothuria mexicana (donkey dung sea cucumber), Haliotis fulgens (green abalone), Arthrospira platensis (spirulina), Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish sea cucumber), Stronylocentrotus purpuratus (purple urchin), Haliotus rufescens (red abalone), Holothuria scabra (sandfish, a sea cucumber), Ascophyllium nodosum (knotted wrack kelp),Macrocystis integrifolia (giant kelp), Microcystis aeruginosa (blue green algae)

On overall mechanism of action:
Marine-derived biological macromolecule-based biomaterials for wound healing and skin tissue regeneration
"Wound healing is a complex biological process that depends on the wound condition, the patient's health, and the physicochemical support given through external materials. The development of bioactive molecules and engineered tissue substitutes to provide physiochemical support to enhance the wound healing process plays a key role in advancing wound-care management. Thus, identification of ideal molecules in wound treatment is still in progress. The discovery of natural products that contain ideal molecules for skin tissue regeneration has been greatly advanced by exploration of the marine bioenvironment. Consequently, tremendously diverse marine organisms have become a great source of numerous biological macromolecules that can be used to develop tissue-engineered substitutes with wound healing properties. This review summarizes the wound healing process, the properties of macromolecules from marine organisms and the involvement of these molecules in skin tissue regeneration applications. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier B.V."

Sea Cucumber

Holothuria cinerascens (ashy sea cucumber),  Holothuria mexicana (donkey dung sea cucumber),  Holothuria scabra (sandfish, a sea cucumber), Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish sea cucumber)


Types of collagen with high moisture retention and absorption, as Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (niacin), and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. a wide array of bioactives especially triterpene glycosides (saponins), chondroitin sulfates, glycosaminoglycan (GAGs), sulfated polysaccharides, sterols (glycosides and sulfates), phenolics, cerebrosides, lectins, peptides, glycoprotein, glycosphingolipids and essential fatty acids.

Noted health benefits:

wound healing, immunomodulatory Several unique biological and pharmacological activities namely anti-angiogenic [24], anticancer [25], anticoagulant [26,27], anti-hypertension [28], anti-inflammatory [29–31], antimicrobial [32,33], antioxidant [34], antithrombotic [35,36], antitumor [37,38]. Relief of joint pain, tendonitis, and sprains, against hypertension, asthma, rheumatism, cuts and burns, impotence and constipation [18–23]



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Edible Algae

Spirulina pacifica (Hawaiian spirulina), Arthrospira platensis (spirulina),

Compounds: antioxidants beta carotene, zeaxanthin, echinenone, myxoxanthophyll and beta cryptoxanthin; enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, iron, essential and non-essential amino acids. gamma linolenic acid

Noted Health Benefits:

Strengthens the immune system, supports cardiovascular health, and boosts energy levels; anti-cancer, anti-aging, lowers cholesterol, 60% protein and is an excellent source of vitamins A, K1, K2, B12, and iron.


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Pink Scallop

Chlamys rubida (Pacific pink scallop)

Noted Health Benefits:

Regulates collagen metabolism in skin fibroblasts


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Haliotis fulgens (green abalone), Haliotus rufescens (red abalone)

Noted Health Benefits:

anti-oxidant, anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer


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Sea Urchins

Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (giant red sea urchin), Stronylocentrotus purpuratus (purple urchin)


Sulfated glycans

Noted Health Benefits:

Anticoagulant and antithrombotic


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Blue Green Algae

Microcystis aeruginosa

Noted Health Benefits:

Anti-oxidant, anti- cancer



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