Surgical Closures: Replace External Sutures and Stop Their Scarring

Suture (or stitch) abscess is the most prevalent cause of wound infection after seven days post operation. Its pathogenesis is bacterial tracking via the cutaneous sutures into the healing wound. This is particularly common when these external sutures have been exposed to contamination, have not been removed in a timely fashion, or have excessive swelling around the area.

Healing Issues

Inflammation is the normal first stage of the healing process. This creates fluid accumulation (localized edema) around the wound and especially around the sutures. This swelling causes pressure resulting in localized ischemia that increases the vulnerability of the tissue around the sutures to infection. After 5 to 14 days, epithelial tracking follows the sutures into the dermis, generating fistulas which can produce cysts, abscesses, or suture tracts (“railroad tracking”). All of these promote scar formation. Infrequently, these suture abscesses can lead to cellulitis (infection of the deep skin tissues) that can potentially become dangerous.

Eliminating the Need for Surface Sutures or Stitches and Potential Scarring

If a surgeon removes all tension on the wound by placing deep, absorbable sutures, using the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS) will eliminate the need for external sutures. MDS will also eliminate most of the post op care, including changing dressing daily, suture loosening and sequential suture removal. The total post op care will simply consist of rinsing the dressing in a shower or with a sponge at least once a day. This will clean the wound without disrupting it. After the wound is blotted dry, a humectant such as the enclosed Miracle of the Sea® Aloe Vera Gel with Natural Marine Extract™ can be quickly and easily applied through the permeable Miracle Dressing. The ingredients of our patented Natural Marine Extract have been shown to improve the speed and quality of healing and improve the resilience of the healed skin.

The use of MDS will result in no external suture tracking, abscesses and railroad tracking. Thus, MDS should be used on all traumatic and surgical wounds, especially cosmetic surgeries to eliminate suture scarring.


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Scalp Wound Closure with Miracle Dressing Wound Care System

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