87 YO 3 by 9 cm Elbow Tear

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February 1

Patient came into the office on February 1, with a three day old 3 by 9 cm tear on her elbow. See first three photos from Feb 1. The 3 by 9 cm wound was cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed with tap water, dried and 1” Miracle Dressing placed.

February 21

The patient returned to the office with the same Miracle Dressing in place and it was falling off as it is designed to do. See last three photos from Feb 21. Wounds near joints have extreme difficulty healing and marked increased propensity to get infected. This wound would have taken at least two and a half months to heal and would have had a horrible scar. The only care needed using Miracle Dressing is immersing it in water once a day. The Dressing is designed to fall off after three weeks.

Patient Profile

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Nature of Wound

3 by 9 cm skin tear on elbow

Treatment Start Date

Feb 1, 2018

Treatment End Date

Feb 21, 2018