9 YO Male 3rd Degree Burn

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April 12

Patient came into the office on 12th.  See first four photos from April 12.

9 year old was rough-housing with friends in the kitchen, got splattered with hot oil from a pan on the oven. This resulted in a 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his buttocks and a 2nd degree burn on his back. The 3rd degree burn covered 10% of his buttocks. He was treated at a major burn center using standard burn care. The boy was sent home to have his parents change his dressing on a daily basis. Four days of these daily wound changes severely traumatized the patient and the wound (as you can see in the first photograph of the buttocks). Prior to placing the Miracle Dressing, the torn skin was reapproximated.

From the time of the Miracle Dressing application on April 12th, Justin had no pain.

April 27

UPDATE: Patient visited April 27th where the healing process was progressing well. See 2 photos from April 27.

May 4

UPDATE: The Miracle Dressing was falling off. Only 22 days following the application of Miracle Dressing, the burns are healed and have left no scars. See final 4 photos from May 4th.

Patient Profile

Age and Sex



Nature of Wound

buttocks 3rd degree burns, back 2nd degree burns

Treatment Start Date

April 12

Treatment End Date

May 4