Linda Sherman

Linda Sherman GordonLinda Sherman has more than 20 years of leadership experience building brands and guiding top-tier companies.

Linda was a well-known executive in Japan where she led multinational subsidiary start-ups and turn-around situations. She established Coors Japan as the only independent foreign beer company in Japan. Utilizing a unique and low cost product and distribution strategy, Linda launched ZIMA, a product that created a new alcoholic beverage category in Japan. To this day, it remains highly successful and is the key to Molson Coors Japan’s profitability. Linda’s managerial experience includes CEO of Club Med Japan, CEO Barilla Japan, Senior Vice President Marketing of the Seiyu/WalMart joint venture in Japan, and director of Japan Market Research Bureau (a division of JWT).

Prior to embarking on a career in Japan, Linda worked in human resources, management consulting and in sales, (including IBM). She continues to benefit from participating in IBM’s legendary consultative sales skills training programs.

More recently Linda has been a Branding and Social Marketing consultant to start-ups and nonprofits, leveraging her deep understanding of both classic marketing and social media marketing. Linda brings to MBET Health her thorough knowledge of distribution, production, and quality assurance; an ability to get up to speed quickly on new business areas; experience with start-ups and an ability to work effectively with small budgets; a willingness and ability to master foreign languages (fluent in Japanese) and operate cross-culturally.

Linda has a passion for life and maintains a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Linda has worked effectively with her husband, Ray Gordon, for many years. Together they own and manage Boomer Tech Talk. One of the focus points of this ezine is to provide advice to help Boomers and Gen X care for their elderly parents. Linda sees a huge potential in MBET Health for older adult marketplace she is so familiar with. Linda Sherman has been featured and quoted in Forbes, The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and other leading publications. She speaks about branding and social marketing regularly at conferences and holds an MBA with top honors from Pepperdine University.