Miracle Professional Dressing for Healing Pressure Injuries

Miracle Professional Dressing (MPD) Peel and Place impregnated with Natural Marine Extract for Stage 1, Stage 2 and superficial Stage 3 Pressure Injury prevention and healing.
One 4-13″ strip.

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Product Description

Miracle Professional Dressing for Healing Pressure Injuries

There are dozens of revolutionary patent-pending aspects of Miracle Dressing, including perforations and a pore design which accentuate capillary forces to remove blood and exudate without ever changing the dressing by simply rinsing it in water (such as shower or wash cloth). Water contact also dissolves the Natural Marine Extract (NME) Time-Release Crystals which are impregnated into the dressing itself. The ingredients of Natural Marine Extract are known to heal the wound and rejuvenate the surrounding skin. The dressing’s specialized perforations also allow the administration of topical medicinals (such as Miracle of the Sea NME in Aloe Vera Gel, Polysporin, Neosporin, etc). The breathable Miracle Dressing is designed to remain in place for approximately three weeks and then fall off on its own, usually after the wound is healed.

Miracle Dressing has been evolving since 2014. You can see details in the 650 patient “Experience of Wound Healing Using Miracle Dressing” by Eric A. Lewis, MD


  • Miracle Professional Dressing System (MPD) helps prevent pressure injuries from developing
    • Avoids peripheral tissue damage
    • Reinforces and protects skin from micro-tears
    • Provides true barrier protection
    • Improves tensile strength of skin
    • Rejuvenates atrophic skin
  • MPD eliminates daily dressing changes.
    • Daily Dressing changes remove much of the healing tissue thus markedly slowing the healing process and causing irritation, inflammation and peripheral skin breakdown.
    • Reduces pain and anxiety for both the patient and the caretaker
    • Leaving the Miracle Professional Dressing on for three weeks speeds the healing process in pressure wounds, burns, abrasions, avulsions, skin tears and bruises.
  • The best dressing for 1st and 2nd and superficial 3rd degree burns
  • Stabilizes bruised skin to minimize continued bruising and speeds the healing
  • Improves the quality of the healing process, thus minimizes scarring
    • Excellent for surgical closures
    • Improves wound and surrounding skin quality to minimize probability of further breakdown
    • Improves micro-vascular blood supply
    • Improves collagen repair
  • Protects the wound while keeping it open to air
  • Maintains proper moisture balance
  • Reduces costs of traditional wound care.
  • Instead of “keeping the wound dry and changing the bandage every day,” which are the directions of most wound preparations, Miracle Dressing benefits from water contact. Water immersion (e.g. sponge rinsing, shower) cleans the wound and delivers the Natural Marine Extract Time-Release Crystals to the wound without changing the dressing. Miracle Dressing is designed to fall off after approximately three weeks when the wound is healed.

Ideal For

Miracle Professional Dressing can be used for:

  • Preventive care for pressure injuries
  • Stage 1, Stage 2 and superficial Stage 3 pressure injuries
  • Skin tears and cuts
  • Abrasions and superficial avulsions
  • Replacing external sutures after deep tissue closure
  • Pre and Post-op care for all surgeries especially for cosmetic
  • First, Second and superficial Third Degree Burns
  • Pemphigoid
  • Bruises and preventive care to stop new bruises in atrophic vulnerable skin
  • Shingles external wound care
  • Prosthetic Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Spinal cord injury pressure injuries – prophylactic, Stage 1, Stage 2

How to Use

Package Includes:
• Miracle Dressing (tape) in a 4″ X 13″ strip. With water contact, the pore design allows cleaning of the wound including the removal of blood and exudate, and delivers the Natural Marine Extract Time-Release Crystals to the wound without changing the dressing

Miracle Dressing is an FDA Class I medical device which has been shown to help prevent pressure injuries and heal wounds. It is designed to stay in place for at least three weeks. The Miracle Dressing should not be removed prematurely.

MPD APPLICATION for Pressure Injury Prevention and Healing Stage 1, Stage 2 and Superficial Stage 3 Pressure Injuries

1. Clean the area with soap and non-sterile water.
2. Rinse with water and pat dry with a non-sterile gauze.
3. Trim the MPD as necessary to completely cover the affected area.
4. Peel off MPD backing.
5. Place the MPD over the affected area and surrounding skin when the skin is in its fully stretched position.
Massage down the edges.
6. Leave the MPD in place until it falls off (typically about 21 days). To remove the dressing earlier than the suggested time period, use isopropyl alcohol.
7. At least once a day, swab dressing using non-sterile gauze with non-sterile water. MPD is designed to get wet (such as showering).
8. If soiled, clean the dressing with wet non-sterile gauze, using soap and non-sterile water.

Unopened pouches can be stored flat.
Keep in temperature less than 75°f.
Can also be refrigerated but it is not necessary.

Precautions / Allergens
Do not use around the eyes or lips. Avoid contact with eyes either directly or indirectly from fingers.

The safety of Natural Marine Extract has not been determined in patients with seafood allergies. Stop using if you experience an allergic reaction.

The stamp is applied with an FDA approved ink (American Marking 1250).

Miracle Dressing™ is a § 880.5240 medical device and an exempted
class I device as defined in 21 CFR Parts 862-8928 and is manufactured in an FDA registered establishment in compliance therein.

Miracle Dressing™ is being protected by one or more pending or issued patents.