Enrique Vazquez

Enrique head shotOceanographer Enrique Vazquez is CEO of Productores Marinos Baja (PMB), which is a subsidiary of MBET Aquafarming. He is also extremely innovative in the Selective Breeding and Hybridization System developed by a number of MBET Members.

Vazquez has become a world-class breeder of all species of clams, mussels, scallops, oysters, abalone and all species of kelp, seaweed, and microalgae. This technology is the cornerstone of MBET Aquafarming, MBET Hatchery, MBET Micro/Macro Algae, Miracle of the Sea and MBET Health.

Technical Director Abulones Cultivados, First abalone venture in Mexico. 1993 to 2001.

Professor Marine Science Faculty, Universidad Autonoma De Baja California.

Currently Treasurer Baja California´s Aquaculture Committee.