Josh is a 32 year-old male who was involved in a rear-end collision on the freeway resulting in a horrific gas tank explosion. He somehow survived and came to Dr. Lewis’s office within 24 to 36 hours after the accident. He was in severe pain and had first, second and early third-degree burns over his entire right forehead, temple, cheek, ear and parietal scalp. The wound was debrided of necrotic tissue and miracle Dressing was placed over the entire area using overlapping 4“ x 6“ dressings. As the underlying wound healed the miracle dressing peeled off and was trimmed. About three weeks later the wounds had healed and no visible scarring was seen. Click here to see Josh speak about his injuries and healing.

Patient Profile

Patient Age & Sex

Male 32

Nature of Wound

Thermal burn in car accident: Deep Partial Thickness with Blistering (superficial 3rd degree)

Start Date

Feb 1

End Date

Apr 21