Three and a half months before this 72 year old man came into the office, the patient had had a significant skin cancer removed from his scalp. As a result of this surgery, and a history of radiation therapy, he was left with a large wound and no healing had taken place because of the lack of collateral circulation around the wound. Typically, such a wound would require approximately 150 stitches to bring the sides together to close the wound in order to allow healing to take place. As an alternative, Miracle Dressing was applied and left in place for three weeks. The Miracle Dressing is designed to peel off after three weeks. The after photo was taken on the 21st day. You can observe the results.
Click here to see Dr. Lewis apply Miracle Dressing to the scalp and then view the video below the before / after photos.

Patient Profile

Patient Age & Sex

Male 72

Nature of Wound

scalp radiation and skin cancer surgery wound on scalp

Start Date

March 24, 2018

End Date

April 20, 2018